Research Notes

I’m in the final stages of another biography; the life of Frederick Stobo Phillips who died on the Somme on 5 November 1916. Many thanks to Leeta Rutherford for her excellent website documenting many of the Australian soldiers who died on that day. It also gave me great insight and helped enormously to visit the Somme and Ireland following in the footsteps of Frederick Stobo Phillips. But where would any historian be without the wonderful archival resources held in various libraries and depositories; in that regard I owe special thanks to staff at the State Library of NSW and the Australian War Memorial who couldn’t have been more helpful.

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2 Responses to Research Notes

  1. Ruth Coulson says:

    Hi Michelle, I don’t know if you remember me, Ruth Coulson. You called at my home on Lake Macquarie (Balcolyn) some few years ago now in your search for material on Frederick Phillips, after being contacted by my daughter.
    I am delighted to see that you say you are in the last stages of your biography of Frederick. I just wanted to say, congratulations on getting that far. I will be looking for the book when it is available. My father would have been delighted to know that his Uncle Fred was to be commemorated in that way.

    • Great to hear from you Ruth. I’ve finished the manuscript and sent it off to a publisher but no luck so far. I’m working on contacting other publishers so keep your fingers crossed. Can you please remind me who your daughter was.
      Thanks in anticipation. Cheers,

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